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Since I was a child I have made many things, and cardboard was my favorite material. I was interested in how things worked, and how I could reuse these mechanisms for my own inventions. I cannot tell you how many video recorders, pens, computers, vacuums and washing machines I have taken to pieces.

As a teenager I discovered 3D animation and later on I started programming microcontrollers. Then I decided to study what I was good at: science. After a Master of Mechanical Engineering at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, I worked as a Product Engineer at Decathlon where I developed several innovations and refined my taste for design thinking.

For the last two years I studied at the Royal College of Art, where I learnt how to use my skills to develop different projects at the crossing point of creativity and technology. This double profile is particularly useful in projects with interdisciplinary complexity. I like to take part in interdisciplinary projects in order to deliver functional products that will disrupt existing markets.


Contact : contact@florianpuech.com

LinkedIn : uk.linkedin.com/pub/florian-puech/34/1aa/414/

Resume : PDF link

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