Krups trivet

Krups Trivet

January, 2013

Group Project with Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Fotini Markopoulou

A trivet which is also a tray. We were asked to design and produce 9 trivets for the brand KRUPS. The trivet was designed to be used with a coffee pot in its middle and some coffee mugs around its second ring. This trivet enables the simultaneous transportation of the coffee pot and the mugs from the kitchen to the table.
For our design we were inspired by the ripple created by a water drop. We decided to stamp metal sheet in order to reproduce the shape of a water splash.

Krups Trivet

In order to produce these 9 trivets we developed a stamping mold in concrete and we used an air press. We polished the aluminium sheet, and sand blasted the Krups logo onto our product.

Concrete Mold

Air Press

Mold Opening

Sand Blasting

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