Sapo in collaboration with SDG

December, 2013

Sapo – a better understanding of crowd flow behavior through technology – is a project  Matthew Lydiatt and I developed in collaboration with Steer Davies Gleave. Getting data from crowd flows in extremely demanding situations has proven to be a matter far from resolved.  Whether it is inside big transport hubs or massive audiences in venues we have not yet found the adequate permanent technology that allows operators to know exactly what’s going on, on real time and with a degree of accuracy close to certainty. We are developing a technology that has the potential to do this. It works by analysing infrared three dimensional mapping.

Sapo was develop for gaining in detail understanding of dense crowds flows. At this stage it allows to anonymously track individuals, determine their speed, precise direction, density and height, with an accuracy of over 95%. Because of the immense data “resolution” this technology provides, we see further potential in obtaining soft data, by understanding the reason behind peoples behaviors and better act based on this.

The technology was tested in an interchange station from Urban Train to Underground, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The main objective of these tests was to verify the software accuracy and reliability on a highly demanding situation, by comparing the obtain data with the turnstiles analog count.


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